“As a patient of Dr. Migitsch and Thorn Run Chiropractic for several years now, I can emphatically state that I have never considered going to another chiropractor. Dr. Migitsch has been able to not only eliminate aches and pains, but also keep them from reoccurring. He does so in a professional manner, while at the same time keeping the office visit atmosphere one of a personal and informal nature. His staff possesses the same efficiency, good nature, and ability to make the office a pleasant place to be. I look forward to going to Dr. Migitsch for chiropractic treatment.”

– Jeff Atkin

“Over the last few months, and after traditional back surgery, I had been once again experiencing both sciatica pain and numbness in my feet. The bouts of pain were with me off and on for weeks at a time. The episodes were so severe, that at times I was left bed ridden and barely able to complete daily functions. I had just about lost hope, thinking that the pain would be with me indefinitely; and just a part of my everyday life.

Frankly, though in pain, I was a bit skeptical about the use of chiropractic therapy. I had never tried chiropractic therapy in the past, and was ignorant of its capabilities. However, I was desperate, and now with a high level of pain, was willing to try another option. I also was tired of the pills and how I felt while on them. Physical therapy did not work for me. I had tried spinal injections, (5 of them) still with no long term results. The thought of another surgery, was becoming more than just an idle option. Fortunately, before I went “under the knife” again, I found Dr. Migitsch.

When I first met with Dr. Migitsch, he completed a series of tests that included x-rays, only to find out that my alignment was not correct. Amazingly after my first correction, I felt relief. As the weeks progressed, my back steadily became stronger, and all of my pain was “finally” gone. Currently, we are now working on keeping my back strong through exercise and continued spinal correction. I understand, that at least for me, keeping my back “in tune” is essential for my spinal health. I am committed to this minimally evasive strategy for the rest of my life. It is more than worth it, in exchange for no more pain.

Dr. Migitsch has many years of safe, successful, chiropractic experience, and you will experience it, after your very first visit. His staff is also more than professional and courteous. I was also surprised that my insurance covered all of my expense (and that the staff completed all of my paperwork).
I thank Dr. Migitsch for giving me back my health! ”

– Ron Mazza

“In the spring of 2002 I awoke with the most extreme pain in my upper back that I ever had. The only way I was able to get relief I had to lay flat on my back with my right arm placed above my head. Since this occurred on a weekend I was not able to get a doctor’s appointment until a few days later. When I went to my family doctor I asked him if I should go to a Chiropractor. He said no because it would make the condition worse. He gave me an injection into the muscle of my back, which alleviated most of the pain but not all of it He also made arraignments for me to get physical therapy.

I attended physical therapy for about a month. At first it seemed to help but then the pain began to intensify & the pain started to extend down my right arm. My right triceps lost all strength & would not function. A co-worker who had been in a serious motorcycle accident told me about Thorn Run Chiropractic Center & how Doctor Migitsch had helped him.

I saw Doctor Migitsch who examined me & told me I had a pinched nerve in my neck & slight curve in my spine, which was causing all the problems. Within the first treatment I began to feel instant relief. It did take some time but the intense back pain went away & I gained full strength back in my right triceps. Thanks to Doctor Migitsch & the staff at Thorn Run Chiropractic Center I avoided unnecessary surgery & fully recovered. I still go to Thorn Run Chiropractic Center for occasional treatment in order to keep a healthy spine & not have a reoccurrence of the
previous problem.”

– Michael Postava

“Prior to seeing Dr. Migitsch and his staff this past October, I was unable to move my left arm causing any movement in my shoulder and shoulder blade. I couldn’t sleep, ride in a car, or sit upright in a chair without causing a great deal of pain throughout my left arm, shoulder, and shoulder blade. My treatment plan at The Thorn Run Chiropractic Center called for adjustments and realignments, low volt muscle stimulation with heat and tissue mobilization and stretching with ice.

I am now able to do all those things I was custom to doing without hesitation and more importantly, without pain. I would highly encourage anyone who is having muscular or joint pain to seek chiropractic therapy. The Thorn Run Chiropractic Center has convenient hours and is well-located just off University Drive in Moon Township. The staff is courteous and helpful and ensures your experience meets both your needs and the necessary requirements to meet your individual care.”

– Joseph McArthur, CMSgt, USAFR